Each Wednesday, one poet/artist will be selected from submissions received during the previous week and will be profiled on social media (@bluapplepoetry) and right here on bluapplepoetry.org. The postings will be tagged with #WordCrushWednesday and will be searchable across all social media platforms.

There are many ways to submit a poet/artist for review:

E-mail: bluapple@jasontaylorfoundation.com
Twitter: @bluapplepoetry (direct message)
Instagram: @bluapplepoetry (direct message)
Facebook: bluapplepoetry (message)

When submitting, be sure to include the full name of the poet, along with age, school, hometown, and any other information you wish to include (ie. favorite quotes, influences, etc). The chosen poem must be typed, either in the body of the email or included as an attachment. Please note that any inappropriate language and/or subject matter will disqualify the submitted poet from consideration. Also include any social media profile information so we can tag the artist in the post along with a photo of the artist that can be used in the post. Optionally, you may wish to include a link to a video of the poet performing the submitted piece.

The chosen poet will be selected each Tuesday from all submissions received during the previous week and will be posted Wednesday mornings.

For more information, call the Jason Taylor Foundation at (954) 424-0799 or e-mail bluapple@jasontaylorfoundation.com.