Today our #WordCrushWednesday winner is Cheryl Beasley. Cheryl Beasley is a student at Blanche Ely high School. Not only is she a talented writer she also shares that talent and passion with her peers by being part of the UTP (unique tiger poets), which is the poetry club on her schools campus.

Today we are spotlighting Cheryl’s Poem entitled Dreamy.



I dream of orange skies, doe eyes and flowers.

I dream of beds made from petals lost in a game of ‘he loves me’ not bruised or wilted from the weight of anything and nothing felt heavier than his gaze, even with eyes glazed and vacant his smile carried more weight.

I dream of cotton candy kisses, quick to melt and quick to ask you why you did this, rough hands on smooth skin and still it’s nobodies business.

I dream of coming home to him and of his sun kissed skin and I dream of rainy days spent some place safe.

I dream of him, but only during the day.

-Cheryl Beasley


IG: @cheryl.beasley