Today our #WordCrushWednesday winner is Alexis Clarke. Mrs. Clark is an 11th grader at Blanche Ely high school. Not only is she a poet, but she is also a nurse to be. She is currently in the nursing program and will graduate with her LPN. Alexis has always loved poetry and music since a little child, and she admits that being raised in New York has given her many different avenues in which she can draw inspiration for her art.

Today we spotlight her poem, Dog.



My momma once told me “if you lie down with dogs you’ll get up with fleas”

Silly of me to believe that you were thorough bred

Thought you were well groomed and daily fed

So I adopted you, took care of you, gave you ALL of me

Not just my time but also my money

Momma said “if you lie down with dogs you’ll Get up with fleas”

I didn’t just lie down with you

I rolled over onto my back for you

Laid prostrate raising my hands and praised you

My grandma said “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

But again I thought you were an exception

I was expecting to teach you how to love and cherish me because I was your owner

In all actuality the script was flipped and I was your lap dog

I was shaking hands, playing dead and was begging for you to toss me a treat

Just for you to caress me and say “good girl”

My auntie said “never bite the hand that feeds you”

My heart and my hands gush because of your canines that sunk deep puncturing and pulling away bits and pieces until I was deformed

Like a thrown away puppy on the SPCA commercials

I believed 10 cents a day would mend my pain


But yet I kept coming back to you

Paying an unnatural game of fetch where you’d throw away my foolish heart and I’d bring it back again

I laid down and got up with fleas. Not just any insect that gnaws at my flesh but the kind that leaves a tormenting emptiness

Fused with regret, hurt, humiliation and brokenness

My momma once said ” if you lie down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas”

And silly of me I second guessed

I need a cream that’s injected into my veins

An ointment that can seep into my brain

A liniment to be rub over these scars to hopefully revive me back to what I used to be again


But not mentally so ill never forget

-Alexis Clarke

IG: @lex.babbby