Today our #WordCrushWednesday winner is Fortune Weissman. Fortune Weissman is a sophomore at Western High School and a true lover of poetry. Ms.Weissman, a talented writer, is always excited to grow artistically. Fortune has the undying urge to improve her performance and strengthen her writing. You can see where she gets her artistic character just by looking at a few of her favorite poets, such as Maya Angelou and Rhiannon.

Today we are spotlighting Fortune’s Poem entitled Who Am I?


Who Am I?

Who am I?
I peer beyond the shadows of everybody,
But I am nobody,
My voice echoes through the isolation,
But nobody can hear me because I’m buried 6 feet under expectations,
The amount of times I found myself in the corners of grime,
Melting within time,
I’m chasing misprinted secrets,
Unable to expose them from my eyes,
I have captured too many moments to look away from,
My voice is grasped from my throat,
Now silence in sounds fill the scarce space closing in on my bones,
They are not walls,
They are called skin,
I’ve felt too many moments of my complexion’s betrayal,
My shackled down state of mentality,
This moment has made up an abundance of my reality,
I’ve avoided too many questions,
But the real question is,
Who am I?
I’m everywhere at every moment in time,
I’m every word in this poem,
Who am I?
I peek beyond the shadows of everybody,
But I am nobody

– Fortune Weissman

Instagram: Fortune.1975
Twitter: 5sosfortune