Today our #WordCrushWednesday winner is Joshua Bullock, a 16 year old student of Western High School. Mr. Bullock enjoys writing of all forms and has found himself dabbling in writing music and novels.

Today we highlight Joshua’s original poem entitled My Attempt at Hope.


This is not a time for protest, this is not a time for tears.
Though it may feel like everything you know about the world is collapsing,
This is a time for preparation, organization and solidarity.
We cannot allow hate to trump love simply because hate is what Trump loves.
This is a time to push our backs off the wall and wipe the sweat and tears off of our brows.
There is no time to give up.
We are America.
It doesn’t matter who you voted for.
It doesn’t matter who you support.
It doesn’t matter why you’re ready to give up.
We are America.
Transform those feelings of lowliness and anxiety into something beautiful.
Turn your rage into brush strokes, your sorrow into inky words, and your fear into a propelling force.
Propel yourself and others to remember that we are the strength of the nation,
Without us the governing body has no body to govern,
What we say goes,
And we will no longer stand for inequality,
As Martin marched for equal treatment of all races,
Defending freedom and love.
So will we.
As our founding fathers refused the ideologies forced upon them,
Fighting for Liberty.
So will we.
As Donald Trump and Mike Pence make a mockery of the presidential office,
Lying and shaming our country.
We will not.
We will not remain silent when injustice barks trying to intimidate us,
We will not lay on our backs and let it kill us without a bitter fight.
We will not let them mess this up for us, because it took almost 400 years for me to be able to even write this.
Another 60 for half of America to even vote,
And less than 6 months for people to forget that this was the greatest America’s ever been.
Although we were struggling, this was the best America had ever been.
For me.
For you.
For Americans.
We will not let injustice win.
We will scream back and make it regret ever rearing his ugly head.
We will stomp it out, we will destroy it, it will not hurt anybody else.
But for now,
We will wait.
Protesting now will show our outrage yes,
But will it do anything?
When the election goes the wrong way and we protest this time,
Will we be taken seriously the next time?
The time when our rights are actually infringed and we are in danger of letting injustice win.
I don’t want to take the risk.
They think that we millennials are spoiled brats but let’s show them otherwise.
Our cries don’t do anything now, let’s save them for when they really matter.
They get that we’re upset.
But this is not a time for tears.
We only draw more tears in an already divided nation.
This is not a time for violence.
For that is what we are fighting against.
This is a time for new opportunities.
This is the time when the clock strikes midnight and we have the chance to simultaneously watch a day end and begin.
An old day filled with pain, filled with laughter, filled with destruction, a negative net.
And a new day with a possibility of so much worse, but also so much better.
Like a dying star about to burst into a black hole, or explode into a supernova creating new galaxies and opportunities.
We have the power to tip the scales.
So please, whether a Republican or a Democrat,
Think about the country,
Party division shouldn’t stop equality.

IG: @josh.rxse

Twitter: @j0sh87712