Today our #WordCrushWednesday winner is Nicholas Jentzch, also known as Intellinick in the poetry community. Nick is an junior at Hollywood Hills High School and a Jason Taylor Scholar. Nick is also a pivotal member of COI1K, which is the poetry club on campus. As a writer, hopes to add some light and smiles to the life of those he encounters.

Today we spotlight his original poem entitled Future Descendants

Future Descendants
A long distance from maturity
A baby child, dead, aborted, murdered
Before she, he, could ever gaze into the universes eyes
Before it could shed tears of purity and innocence
An unnamed soul crossing into the gates of heaven
The parents had a list full of dreams on what it could fulfill
What name it should live by
The seed never even sprouted passed the filthy dirt to sulk in graceful sunlight
It remained in sinful darkness
Only feeling the worms crawling on its harmless flesh that would soon consume its carcass
Like the roots, it remained underground
As the hands of this world swiftly unearthed the decayed sapling
Replanting it inside of the forest of life where lumberjacks can no longer cut off its breathing supply. 
So I ask, when an innocent child dies, do you?
Or are our future descendants unimportant to you?