Congratulations to this week’s #WordCrushWednesday poet Miles Pickens, a senior and passionate poet from Flanagan High School. Not only is Miles a strong component in his school’s poetry club, he sets an example for all young poets around him by stepping out and performing at cultural events in his region. Miles was a featured poet […]

Congratulations to this week’s #WordCrushWednesday poet Brandon Robinson, a senior at Plantation High School.  Brandon a gifted poet and rapper and has been involved with the Omari Hardwick bluapple Poetry Network for three years and is indisputably a veteran in the program. He is passionate and has a powerful stage presence. Today we highlight Mr. […]

Congratulations to this week’s #WordCrushWednesday poet Voshon Francois from Plantation High School. Voshon is a former “Flying L” and is a powerful poet that sometimes goes by the name “The black hatter”. His pieces are deeply connected to his emotions and are very honest. Often, he shares his struggles and triumphs by speaking on anything […]

Congratulations to this week’s #WordCrushWednesday poet Kiona Davis, a senior at Dillard Center for the Arts.  Kiona is a passionate poet and a brilliant singer. She often meshes together those two art forms to create magic. Kiona is a vocal major at Dillard’s Visual and Performing Arts program and also the winner of the recent […]

Congratulations to this week’s #WordCrushWednesday poet Chris Etienne, a sophomore at Blanche Ely High School.  Chris goes by the stage name Zyro (pronounced zero) and has great appreciation for the anime “Naruto” as you can see from his picture. Just like Naruto, Chris is on a journey toward greatness. His most powerful jutsu is poetry […]

Congratulations to this week’s #WordCrushWednesday poet Anne Louis, a junior at Blanche Ely High School and president of the school’s poetry club, UTP (Unique Tiger Poetry).  Anne has been writing since the 7th grade and says “Poetry is my way of releasing emotions, basically my diary lives through my poetry.” Today we highlight Ms. Louis’ […]

Congratulations to this week’s #WordCrushWednesday poet Amanda Ferreira, a senior at Western High School. Her poem “Basquiat” was inspired by the painting Leeches by Basquiat himself. Amanda said, “In my poetry club at Western High School, we had an assignment to write a poem in response to the painting. My interpretation of the painting relates […]

Congratulations to this week’s #WordCrushWednesday poet Jeffrey Odera, a senior at Miramar High School.  Mr. Odera, whose stage name is $oflo Jeff, is both a poet and an aspiring rapper who has been writing since “the very day life decided to wake me up and openly invite me to what society and mankind really is”.  […]

Congratulations to this week’s #WordCrushWednesday poet Rodeferledine Alexis, a freshman at Florida Memorial University. Ms. Alexis, a 2015 graduate of Boca Raton Community High School, moved from Haiti 4 years ago and, when she was 12, began writing poetry in her native French and Creole. At the age of 14, Rodeferledine began writing in English […]

Congratulations to this week’s #WordCrushWednesday poet Joshua Bullock, a sophomore at Western High School. Mr. Bullock has a passion for words and is currently on a mission to write a new poem everyday using the word of the day supplied by He also “really likes Oreos”. Today we highlight Joshua’s original poem entitled Where […]