Today’s #WordCrushWednesday is Damiana Jimenez. Damiana Jimenez is a recent graduate of Doral Academy Charter High School and a current Miami-Dade College student. She was introduced to philosophy in 2014 and started writing poetry the same year.  Damiana is a local spoken word artist who has performed at various venues and events in the South Florida area.  She is an avid follower of Socrates’ adage, “The unexamined life is not worth living”, and does her best to make sure her life is worth living. Follow her in Instagram and Twitter @Dami_saurous

We will be sharing a piece she has written for you to enjoy, it is called Science Experiment.


Science Experiment

let him slice me open

he can see past my blue blood

and beyond the skin

i let him dissect me

taking out my heart

it sits still beating

in his gloved palm

he studies it

sees my pain

tries only to heal it

sometimes he hits pressure points

And he patches them up

as best as he can

with the supplies he’s given

I am on display again

strapped to this bed

writhing under the lights

this is what i signed up for

no one ever did this for me with the lights on

but he made me sign a consent form

i am not a prize or a possession

i am a science experiment

And the hypothesis is unknown

I can only hear the saw

as it opens up my skull

he asks me questions

or more i share

he questions my logic

“love does not exist”

“then how do you allow this intrusion”


buy my father always said

love is a two way street


One day he decides

after years

to put me back together

and take off his gloves

and remove his mask

“my turn” he nods to me

my scalpel is shaky

but he believes in me

lets me put a mark on his chest

and expose him

i ask questions

but my mind leans into much

I do not have professional distance

“do you love… me”


But the nature shall never change”

i squirm seeing these parts if him

he has always been indestructible

now i must not shoot

i have power

I must not use it

must not scramble the contents

must stay open

he is human now

not merely experimenter

not merely scientist

but friend and

i love him for – Damiana Jimenez




Amorette Lormil