A piping hot Piper Poet that goes by JThaPoet, is today’s #WordCrushWednesday ! James Guerrero is a senior Bengal at Piper High School. He is extremely talented and takes the stage by storm when he steps foot on it to speak. He is a leader in many ways and not shy in any form. Here is a short poem by him :

My pain cannot let go of me

It’s reaching for my heart

Trying to break me limb for limb in the process

Hearing depression knocking on my door

Is burglarizing

Because happiness used to live inside but

Now pain has taken over and kicked it to the curb

My hearts homeless now

Feeling for a reason to beat

Signaling my brain for help

But he’s more lost than little red hiding hood in the woods

I can feel the big bad wolf creeping down on me

Feeling fleshy breathe on my neck telling me don’t worry

With just a dash you’ll be saved from your Misery

And I tried to pay him no mind but his words were stuck to my brain like the pieces of gum sticking on to my shoe ” -JThaPoet

Follow him on IG: JthaPoet



Amorette Lormil