Black Woman By Sophia Clovis


Birthed out of her womb, her suffering gave life to this world who is so desperately trying to seize every minute element of her essence

She endured centuries of exploitation, forced to bear children as a way to vitalize an oppressive institution that viewed her as less than human

The unbearable torture of repression caressed her cheeks as she cried silent woes of despair and desperation

Her blood used to paint the canvas of your privilege


James Marion Simms, dubbed father of modern gynecology

The slave woman forced to spread her legs for his succes

Subjected to genital surgeries without anesthesia, because according to him, “Black women don’t feel pain”

We commemorate his inhumane practices with a proud statue in New York City


See, we go about our days never really knowing about the abuse, brutality, terror, violation, that our black women had to endure

They say our loud mouths, so obnoxious, bursting with slang and urban influence unable to speak the eloquence of their desires

Our attitudes, so full of negative energy that in consumes everyone around us with hate

My validation does not rest upon the threshold of your acceptance


From the fullness of my lips

To every dip and curve of my hips

With hair that defies gravity

And melanin kissed by the sun, your appropriation could never compare to the original


My culture became a stigma to a world who associated my existence with scum

Society proudly boasts of their perceived incompetence of my mother, of my father, of my sister, of my brother, of myself, never acknowledging the eminence that runs through my veins

My life is a constant battle of trying to distance myself from another black statistic


See, being a black woman means being born with a spine of steel

Being a black woman means fabricating my emotions so that they don’t view me as bitter

Being a black woman means exhuberating enough confidence, so when I enter a room no one dares return me to the position that my ancestors groveled from

Being a black woman means teaching my son to keep his hands visible at all times when being pulled over by a police officer, always remember to remain calm, announce your every movement, reply with “yes sir” and “no sir” and don’t you ever question their authority


Our children are being used as target practice, yet they label us the violent ones


Malcolm X said it first, “The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.”


She is just now realizing her self-worth

Everything she was told to hate about herself, she has now grown to love

She is beautiful, intelligent, powerful

Fix your ignorant lips when you enter her presence

Recognize when you speak to a queen


Instagram: euphurian_Goddess

Amorette Lormil