Today, we spotlight poet and spoken word artist, Anne Louis .  Anne Louis, simply know as “Poetic” on stage, is 18 years old and a senior at Blanche Ely High school. She has been the president of Blanche Ely’s poetry club, UTP (unique tiger poets), since it’s inception in 2014. She holds an unconditional love for poetry that shows in every word she writes. Anne says that she fell in love with poetry at the age of 13 and ever since it made her experience love is a new way.”Poetry is a way to express myself and address issues that others may face in their daily lives. Poetry is an escape from reality. My diary lives through my poetry, all i need is a pen and notebook to tell my story.”


DON’T Fall In love with a POET

The mahogany table seemed a little brighter then before
A bouquet of Roses held at a tight grip
moon light
candles lit
music playing a sweet melody
water still at peace
wind soothing the thin layer of my skin.
He got on one knee and proposed to me with a black square box quarter inch off his fingertips
with A 14k pink diamond ring resting in it.
He uttered the most surreal words every girl dreamed of since the age of six.
he said, “baby You are an angel in disguise
every time I look up at the sky
I see your beautiful face I want to wake up forever in your warm embrace.
you are the first I think about when I rise and the last before I close my eyes .
I want to spend the rest of forever with you .
“will you be my wife “?
Then everything froze
as if we were stuck in the matter of seconds
before letting out a soft laughter with a tight knot of sarcasm tied to it.
She said baby the only thing I love is Poetry
for the stage is where I live my life
I can’t be your pathetic house wife .
then the past creeped up like rainbows appearing after a hurricane
he was something like Katrina that take took her in
grabbed hold of her innocence .
it’s was not just her  innocence
it’s also her ignorance that blinded her
unable to see truth.
told her sexy lies just to make her feel grown
 dirty lines saying “i love you”, just so she wouldn’t feel alone
Being in a relationship with him is like being a poet in a world that’s still learning the alphabet.
The Mahogany table became dull
The Bouquet of roses falling to the concrete
Candles slowly died as if the Great Depression came to re exist
Music drifting to far away escape
Water tossing and turning to discomfort
Wind escaping to nonexistent
She said :
Your confidence level has gotten a little to highkey
tune down your melody
you and I have no chemistry.
Don’t fall in love with a poet
by a poet I mean don’t fall in love with me
for my words are sometimes lies
I hide my feelings in disguise .
For I prefer spilling the red ink on the white sheets on my notebook
I’ll tear you in pieces then make you feel whole.
I’ll take away all your confidence then make you feel bold .
   Layer you up then make you fold
I have your heart wrapped in No emotion In the Palm of my hand .
you see…..
I twisted, turned and held it .
Tossed it in my pocket then trashed it
-Anne Kurtie Louis
IG: extra_beauty
Twitter: Poetic_baby