Today our #WordCrushWednesday winner is Dametre Williams, a student of Hollywood Hills High School. Mr. Williams, better know as T.W.OZ, is part of Hollywood Hills Poetry club and contributes with his many talents which include: dancing, acting, Script writing, writing poetry and much more. Twoz is a firm believer in staying true to one’s self.

Today we highlight Dametre’s original poem entitled Insatiable.

To grind harder, faster, and stronger when the gears should’ve winded down
to sprint to the light
and if my legs are to break and every bone shatter
then i would crawl
if my arms can no longer move and I’ve lost all consciousness.
i will toss my life less corpse across the finish line
my stomach is pierced with hunger
i starve for greatness and once I’ve achieved it i will need more
no excuses or sympathy will i want
                 nor do i want given to me
so i grind
the harder life gets, the earlier i get up and grind
from the epitome of me there is a well dieing to be filled
A lion waiting to be fed
so i grind
meaning i will never , can never be satisfied
the greatest i will be
the greatest i must beat
the greater my mentality
the longer my soul will carry me
the best i must seek
faster then lightning i must become
in the midst of oblivion the darkness is all i see
so the light i must become
like the phoenix from the ashes of me i must rise
limits i have i have shackled upon me
Masa (Master) and slave I am and always will be
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Twitter: @with_scars